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Monkey isn’t always interested in reading.  Indeed – if I suggest that he ‘read’ something (i.e. work out what is going on from the pictures) he says he can’t read.  I get the general vibe that he isn’t ready too – much better to get myself or DH to do it.  This morning he & I were looking at a book which was 8 objects on a page, each with a word under it – I was instucted which word to read next.  I noticed he was running his finger on the word as I said it (or as he told me to read it).  The interesting thing about it, was that he always went right to left.

I think I might have noticed him doing similar things before.  If I suggest we look at a sign to see if we can see any of ‘his’ letters, he will often mention one that is at the end of a word before one that is closer to the beginning.  I was taught (at high school I think) that we scan a text in a ‘Z-shape’ with eyes going left to right across the top, then diagonally down to bottom left-hand side and across from there to the bottom right.  I wonder if that is either learned later on or perhaps he is doing that but not paying much attention to the first bits.  Or of course it could be completely irrelevant.

Either way, he is learning some letters at a pace he seems happy with.  I’ve no doubt that soon we’ll be running to keep up (which is what is just starting to happen with his balance bike).  In the meantime I must get round to making this car activity for him (the letters one) which Pinterest e-mailed me about.  In fact there are quite a few on this board that look like they are worth following up…


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