So Much For Regular Posting!

February 5, 2013 at 8:28 am Leave a comment

I thought I had already published this one…


I had been trying to get into a routine of regular posting.  Not a New Year’s Resolution, just my regular ‘must-do’ thing.   Admittedly I have some good excuses for not being particularly successful.

The winter coat I was trying to focus on project-wise got shelved – an elderly relative was in hospital for a week so Monkey & I spent quite a few days going over to visit.  The day after we got them settled back at home DH, Monkey & I went on holiday.  I will get round to posting about that at some point, hopefully.

Since we got back nearly a week ago (how did that happen?!) I’ve been mostly knitting – working on the knitting project I travelled with, and now that one is ready to sew up, moving on to a cardigan for Monkey.  That project is currently balanced on my knee while I type this – I’ve been working on it whilst reading e-mails.

Something else I keep meaning to do is get into a routine.  Not so much what-to-do-and-when but just regular clearing out of all the junk we seem to accumulate.  I tend to use the floor as a handy storage facility so I am trying to reduce the amount of clutter.

My other current/ongoing project (partly inspired by our holiday) is improving our foreign language skills.  Although we can get just about get by in French so long as we don’t have to have a conversation with anyone (same for English, actually, but for different reasons) one of my close friends has just moved abroad & we intend to visit her.  Time to improve my rusty high-school German…


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