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We recently came back from Monkey’s first trip abroad.  DH & I had been to Venice before – our last visit there was about 4 months before Monkey was born.  This time we took the Eurostar to Paris then got the sleeper train to Venice from there.  None of us had been on a sleeper train before, and in case you weren’t sure, it was nothing like the Orient Express.  More like a Youth Hostel on wheels.  Shared bathrooms, drop down bunks (which are ok for one, but I shared with Monkey so it was a bit cramped).  Having said all that it was kind of fun & I’d do it again.  Hopefully Monkey will be old enough by then to have his own bed.

Venice itself was lovely too.  We had a good time wandering around – we didn’t do many of the major tourist venues but walked past most of them.  We enjoyed the Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia (Natural History Museum) – which we found imaginatively laid out & well presented.

I remember the first time I went to Venice.  I went some time in January and was hooked from when the plane landed in the snow.  I had a conversation in (rather broken) French with an elderly Venetian lady on the boat from the airport over to the islands.  I was captivated by it all – the sunrise over the mountains, the fact that the edge of the land looks like the edge of a swimming pool, and most of all the romance of the place.

Tthis time, I found the romance of the place was very different.  Partly because with husband & small child in tow, there are different things to think about – what can we do before Monkey will get fed up & need food/sleep; what will Monkey find interesting; is there any chance that he will eat anything other than bread and crisps; Monkey, step away from the touristy trinkets – you really don’t need a 3 inch rocking gondola model.  Nonetheless it is still a beautiful city & I am already looking forward to our next visit.


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