Garden Surprises!

March 6, 2013 at 7:35 pm Leave a comment

Every year, around about the time I realise I should have already ordered my potatoes, I get ‘into’ gardening again.  I start thinking about what to grow this year, how we could make the garden better, etc.

Finally got round to ordering stuff earlier this week, so I now need to work out how it is all going to fit in.  The potatoes arrived today – far more than we need, but as I plan to shift to a ‘proper’ 4-bed rotation this year, I can use some of the surplus in a bed.  The rest I will pass on to other neighbours who garden & friends with allotments.

We currently have 2 beds 1.2m x 1.8m & another about 0.9m x 1.8m.  DH is in the process of prepping all the new bits of wood, Monkey & I are shifting soil in order for the other beds to be compressed.  When we first put the beds in about 3 years ago, we just plonked them ontop of the cleared soil.  Unfortunately our garden has a slight slope to it so they are rather crookedy.  This time I plan to make use of a spirit level & set them in properly.

Also today I dug up the rhubarb.  Possibly a bit risky as it is already coming up, but it was in the smaller of the beds.  One went in a pot recently vacated by a weedy raspberry, the other I attempted to separate into corms (?) and put in a few smaller pots – they will also be dished out to handy neighbours, along with the rampant raspberry currently occupying the greater proportion of one of the larger beds.  Back to the rhubarb though – I was fascinated to find out just how substantial the roots were.  They’ve been in about 3 years & the roots looked more like we’d been growing sweet potato.  Fortunately they split relatively easily so I was able to shift both plants once I got the larger fork out.  Not sure what I’ll do about the bits left behind.  With any luck they will rot away, rather than sending up new stems.  That would throw out all my careful planning, although admittedly I haven’t yet worked out which plants are going to go where!


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