Stash-Clearing Fun!

March 11, 2013 at 9:50 am Leave a comment

I am slowly working my way through my accumulated ‘stuff’ and trying to clear out the things I don’t need any more.  It takes a while, partly because I do still want to keep most of it, I just haven’t cleared enough space yet for putting things away properly.  I got a little further towards the end of last week – I did enough shelf-shuffling to turn a box-on-the-floor into a box-on-a-shelf.  Even though I haven’t sorted it all out, it means a bit more floor space.

Also I am trying to clear out some of my yarn stash.  I’m trying not to buy any more at the moment, so I can use up some of the boxes-full to make space for some of the bags-full.  It is safer in clear boxes than bags and easier to check for yarn-eating insects.  I’m also enjoying the Ravely-browsing, trying to match up patterns I like (not all of which are on there) to materials.  I started an Annie Modesitt cardigan over the weekend, which I’m working top-down instead of bottom-up, as I’m not sure I’ve enough wool.  Unfortunately I’ve just discovered a slight problem with my pattern plans.  The cardigan (The Heiress) is meant to have contrasing cuffs, collar & hem.  I assumed that I’d be able to get hold of some contrasting yarn (hoping for cream-coloured or similar).  The problem is that it is discontinued (which I knew) but I hadn’t realised how very discontinued it was.  All my usual sources are sadly lacking.  It isn’t a huge problem – I can substitute something (possibly cotton?) as the edgings are all lacy rather than ribbed so it should be ok for them to be rather different.  Or I could get some cashsoft in a lighter weight & use held double (probably 1xDK & 1x4ply).  Actually that sounds like too much faff.  Cotton collars it is!


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