Craft Planning

April 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm Leave a comment

DH is planning to take Monkey out walking tomorrow morning.  I had completely no idea what I was going to do with my morning while they are out – I’d vaguely assumed it would be something involving a big pile of Dr Who (sigh) or some computer game faffing, with a little knitting thrown in on the side.

Instead I have come up with a new plan!  At the moment my sewing machine is languishing somewhere in the spare room.  It was a sewing room for a few weeks, then it was a bedroom again twice (two different sized beds depending on who visits, but there isn’t room for both at once).  Now it is mostly back to being full of boxes of stuff.  So my cunning plan is to hopefully enlist Monkey’s assistance today & clear some space.  Then tomorrow I can have a good old fight with the pesky machine & maybe it will work as well for me as it does for the people in the shop.

If that goes ok, I’ll start on a shirt for Monkey – we found a suitably smart shirt in a charity shop this morning (cheaper than new fabric, also has buttons already done).  So I’ll cut that down & he’ll be able to wear it to the funeral we’re attending in a week (A man who was not only dapper but also, it seems, pretty much universally liked by those he met).  Fortunately a friend whose children are a few years older than Monkey has offered us a hand-me-down jacket & waistcoat, so if I make a complete mess of the shirt, at least he will still look vaguely presentable.

It looks like Monkey is finished uprooting dandelions so maybe we can start on clearing some space for tomorrow!


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