Food Fads (written a month ago but somehow forgot to publish)

April 22, 2013 at 4:41 pm 1 comment

I’m sure I’ve said before on here – I’m a faddy eater.  I’m trying to change my eating habits for the better but have recently stumbled upon a new problem – what to choose.  It sounds a bit daft when just said like that but it makes sense to me.  For example, I’m eating far less chocolate but haven’t cut it out completely.  When faced with food options either at home or out & about, I would usually have opted for the one which had ‘chocolate’ written on it.  I’m noticing now though that I’m not as interested in that option.

Usually if Monkey persuades me that a biscuit is a good idea, that would in part be because I wanted one too.  I’d maybe have an extra one, as I’m bigger.  The last few times, not only have I not wanted a biscuit, I’ve also passed on the bag of mint chocolates that are right behind them in the cupboard.  I have also speculated that on the occasions when I do choose the chocolate option, I’m more likely to eat chocolate again.  That is what happens at knitting group – I’ll get the (really rather nice) chocolate cake, and probably a hot chocolate as well.  Although I think I’m enjoying them less than I used to, which is a good thing for me but less good for the chocolatiers of the world.

I also startled myself & DH by consuming an entire bag of salad leaves  Admittedly there was a load of cheese & salad dressing on them, but still – wierd for me.  I’m trying to snack on ‘better’ food as well – I threw together a small container-full of plain cashews, almonds, sultanas & cranberries.  If I get peckish when I’m at my computer, I have some of that.  Eating healthy options, skipping the biscuits – what is going on?  Well, with any luck Monkey will pick up on the better eating habits, although he tends to prefer to eat food-that-Daddy-eats (salted snack food).  DH watch out!  Your diet might be next 😉


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  • 1. For Bella and Will  |  April 22, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    You sound just like me, I’m dreadful, I’ll eat chocolate, cake and biscuits over anything else. Saying that I really struggle to keep weight on, I am definitely a bit fad-ish! Also with the post-Easter chocolate consumption I don’t really feel like eating much chocolate at the moment either! Doh! 🙂


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