Things Change, Mixed Feelings

May 22, 2013 at 4:13 pm Leave a comment

This post has been brewing (or possibly fermenting?) for a while.  I haven’t been in a positive enough zone to do much writing recently as I’ve been rather affected by the death in the family I think I mentioned a post (or-so) ago.  DH, Monkey & I went away for a weekend recently & I spent a good deal of the time just sitting there, not doing anything.  Almost like I’d run out of steam.  Anyway, I’m alternating between bouts of being fine & not – fortunately during the ‘not’ periods I’m still capable of functioning if there is something I need to do, it is just my ‘spare’ time which is affected.

Another thing which has impacted has been DH.  His business hasn’t been doing so well & although we are in the fortunate position of having savings to fall back on, we can’t expect them to last forever.  Until now I’ve been almost looking forward to it finishing – both because it has been making DH unhappy & because we couldn’t move on until it does stop.  DH has been there all of his working life & although there are other things he wants to do it would have been nice if it had finished in a more positive fashion.

He had a meeting today to decide the future of the business & at the moment I’m waiting for him to get home to find out how it went.  In a slightly selfish fashion I hope he is fine so I might feel better.  Fingers crossed this will make me feel more confident as I’ve had a new crazy plan for attempting to sell my creative output which I need to get started.  No more info on that for now, I might do a big reveal when the details are more concrete…


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