Muslin Skirt

May 23, 2013 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

I am currently attempting to clear out some of my fabric stash.  I’ve got probably 4 or 5 boxes-full, but when I finished Monkey’s funeral shirt (looks ok, phew!) I thought I’d make something for myself.  I pulled out a couple of possible patterns & some pieces of likely looking fabric.  Ironed the whole lot then established that what I actually wanted to do with the fabrics wouldn’t work.  Yesterday evening I decided to get started on a skirt that I’d wanted to make for ages.  I thought I’d probably got enough fabric but wanted to make a few alterations.

Problem is, the pattern is a bit more difficult than most of the other items I’ve attempted.  Rather than diving straight in & making a complete mess of it I decided to use up some more stash & make a ‘muslin’ of it.  Seems daft calling it a muslin when some of it is much heavier than the cotton I’ll be using for the proper skirt, and all of it is synthetic.  Still, good practice I suppose, particularly as the pattern calls for a zip (might change that for starters!).

All pinned & cut, now languishing (or rather lurking next to the sewing machine).  While it has been sitting there glaring at me accusingly I’ve made

– a shirt for Monkey which now just needs buttons,

– a shirt for Monkey which I didn’t have enough fabric for so abandoned but might be able to fix but which is currently scattered around various rooms in the house.

– a cotton top from stash fabric (which looks like a nightie & doesn’t fit)

– a Regency (I think) style dress which is finished except for about 5 mins of hand sewing & some thread trimming.  That is piled in a heap on the stairs.  Annoyingly the fit isn’t great – my torso it obviously not Regency-style.  I shortened the skirt by about 3 inches so it is just off the ground.  Next time I must try to remember to shorten it more & lengthen the bodice.

– a thin, unpadded quilt for Monkey (we got him a bed for his birthday which he loves but still prefers to go to sleep in our bed).

Next on the list – might have to go back to the lurking skirt.


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