A Funny Old Week

June 7, 2013 at 6:50 pm Leave a comment

I began writing this post in my head on Monday evening.  I’d had a bit of a rubbishy day for a whole load of reasons – mostly because Monkey didn’t want anything to do with me (DH was at home all week for the first time & it is taking a bit of getting used to for all of us).  Anyway, by Monday evening I was thinking about a post based on how I felt superfluous now that DH was around more.

I still hadn’t written it by Wednesday which was a bit of a mixed bag.  I go to a knitting group on Wednesdays & for the last few weeks I’d given up knitting in order to entertain Monkey (I go for the people not just the craft).  This week, though, I got some knitting done as well as keeping Monkey vaguely happy with his magazine.  In the negative column I’d some sad family stuff to sort out but DH & Monkey came too so it was ok after all.

So here we are at Friday.  I’m back into the swing of knitting & crocheting; we’ve done some tidying up as we might be having people to stay over the weekend; I’m doing yarn stash clearance & being creative; I’ve also found a possible use for all my dead canvases that are so last decade.  From a week with various low points I’m feeling much more like looking forward – I’m sure I’ll have come up with a hundred & one new ideas by next week so hopefully there will be some more positives to come.



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