Expanding Interests

July 3, 2013 at 6:24 pm Leave a comment

We have recently been watching Professor Iain Stewart’s series on the BBC about the formation of the continents.  Monkey has previously been interested in volcanoes so I thought he might like some of it.  He did and is now also interested in mining.

We went to our local library and had a look for relevant books – we found one about gold (which had a little on mining) and also one about volcanoes.  I’ve been browsing the local libraries online catalogue for more mining books which we can request next time we go in.

We went over to the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield yesterday – partly because I hoped they might have more mining books (they had some literature but not much good for a 4-year-old).  We had hoped to be able to go down the mine as well but they have a minimum age of 5 for the underground tour, so we’ll go there next year.  We had a good look round the museum part through, albeit at breakneck speed.

In the meantime we are hoping to go to Stump Cross Caverns which is the closest walking-round cave system to us.  If we don’t get chance to go tomorrow we might pop back to the library for books on caves.  I got rid of all my old geology books and they’d probably have all been a bit in-depth (hahaha) for our requirements.  It is sometimes a slightly faffy balancing act, finding the content we need; with lots of real pictures rather than cartoons; that isn’t too patronising; and that Monkey can understand.  Hurrah for libraries!


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