Chicken Pox & Postponing Stuff

September 6, 2013 at 6:51 am Leave a comment

Wednesday – Monkey has come down with the chicken pox rash today, which has slightly curtailed our planning for the next week or so.  Tiny Signers started this week (but we were busy, which is good as he’d have been really infectious).  We can’t go anywhere on public transport, so that means DH will have to ferry us around if we want to do any more walks 😦

Thursday – He’s itchy today, but doesn’t like the calamine & aqueous cream.  Fortunately he only has a patch around his hips & another across his shoulders with a few on his back.  Weekend meeting-up-with-people plans are all off I think, but I’m still hoping he’ll be clear in time for French class next weekend.

Friday – We planned to do more of our canal walk today but it is raining.  A lot.  Monkey doesn’t like walking if there is anything remotely resembling weather.  And it looks like it may rain lots for the next couple of days 😦  Looks like we’ll have to do lots of house-tidying or something as he (and probably me too) could do with some exercise.  I’ve spent far too much of the last couple of days catching up with pinterest, he’s been mostly doing lego & train set.  Oh well, I’ll see what he feels like when he gets up…


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Leeds-Liverpool Canal Walk (Riddlesden-Silsden) Recovered (And More Canal Walk)

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