Reunion – (Yet Another) Chance For Introspection

July 29, 2014 at 8:21 pm Leave a comment

I’ve just come back from a holiday with Monkey – we went down to my 14-years-since-graduating reunion. The reunion was just for the weekend but Monkey & I went down for a couple days either side to hang out & do fun stuff (DH had decided some months ago that he didn’t want to go so he relaxed at home instead).

The reunion was fine, it also provided me with some food for thought. One of the other attendees was a guy from my course who I’d been rather smitten with. I was of course pleased to see him, and sorry that his marriage hadn’t worked out but came to the realisation that I didn’t really know him at all and never had. Despite the two years I’d known him at Uni I’d been too awkward to actually engage him in conversation. That, combined with my current life situation (happily married, don’t have an interesting job & Monkey was feeling shy) meant I didn’t have much to say. To any of the reunion-ees come to that – I suppose I’d always assumed I’d be an interesting person. As for my former crush – it is a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch. I’d make some effort to go and see him in a play but wouldn’t feel the need to join the theatre company.

On the plus side, not only was it great to see people (& see how little we’d changed in the last 7 years) but Monkey & I had a great holiday. Roll on 2021!


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