Lots of Little Shirts (aka I don’t want to tidy my room)

April 15, 2015 at 7:41 pm Leave a comment

We’ve been in the new house over a year & I still haven’t finished sorting out my craft space. It needs completely clearing so we can fix the floor/cupboards/lighting but I have so many other projects ongoing that the DIY keeps getting put off.

The most recent homework avoidance is the ‘Lots of Little Shirts’. Well not really lots, just three. A large one for Monkey (120cm approx), a middle-sized one for his cousin-abroad (86cm) & a teeny one for his brand-new cousin-in-London (newborn). The main purpose of this post (for me) is to try & remember the sizes I used this time, so I know which to do next time.

I’m using the same kid-shirt pattern I always do – Woodlands Shirt by Sew Liberated (soon-to-be discontinued I think). I’ve made it a few times before in various cottons, this time I’m using Oakshott fabrics. I’ve used bits from 2 fat 8th stacks in Rio plus an extra 1/2 metre of ‘nectarine & 1 metre in ‘bergamo’.

Mini-cousin’s shirt is in light beige & light blue. I adjusted the pattern (new size 1T) as it doesn’t go down quite small enough. I got whole shirt out of 4 fat 8ths, although the sleeves are slightly short.

Midi-cousin’s shirt I’ve done at a size 3T with longer body & sleeves. I’ve used part of the 1/2 metre of nectarine (for the body) & got the facings out of a f8th. I’m planning on using 2 f8ths for the main part of the sleeves but I’ll need another for the cuffs – once I decide what colour(s) I’ll use.

Monkey’s shirt is a size 7 for length but is narrower. I’m using the bergamo for the body (from the 1m) & the darker blues from the f8th stack for the sleeves.


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