Spinning A Yarn

May 15, 2015 at 6:36 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been pretty busy the last few days, catching up on sorting out stock so that I will be ready to go live with the Folksy shop soon.  For once this hasn’t been brought on by a bout of ‘homework avoidance’ or ‘I have cleaning to do that I don’t really have any interest in’.  No, this is that rarer bird – the ‘Looming Deadline!’ (I was hoping to get a stall at a WI ‘rag market’) combined with the slightly healthier alternative of ‘stuff to do which is related to my business that I have paid for & there is a third party involved with’ (in other words I commissioned a rubber stamp, the design of which has just been finalised).

So for the last few days the living room has been littered with hanks of yarn in various stages of preparation – getting labels on, being checked on a spreadsheet, that sort of thing.  I found out earlier that I definitely hadn’t got in on the market (huge waiting list) but that’s ok, I should hopefully be ready in time for the next one.  And all the labels are bodged because I left it late to get the stamp sorted, so with any luck I’ll unbodge when it arrives.

The benefit of not starting selling straight to people means I can get the web shop looking half decent first.  The down side is that I’d agreed with myself that I wouldn’t buy any of the fibre I’ve been browsing until I’d made some sales & could justify it.  Hey ho, never mind!


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Lots of Little Shirts (aka I don’t want to tidy my room) Wow, I actually got some stuff done!

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