Artists Trading Card Swap & Quilting Kits

August 8, 2015 at 5:55 am Leave a comment

There should probably be a bit more punctuation in the title somewhere (Artists’) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it written like that (apologies if I have).  Anyway, for those who don’t know an Artists Trading Card is a mini piece of art (textile, paint, whatever) the size of a business card (or thereabouts).  A swap is where you send one to someone else & get one back (often from a different person).

The one I’ve done before (via Very Berry) had the theme of ‘home’ so I thought about it for a while then did a zoomed in shoe.  That is fine as I added ‘there was an old woman who lived in a shoe’ as text.  It seemed to go down ok with the recipient.

For the one I’m currently working (same organiser, thanks again Ali) on the theme is ‘My Favourite’ so I set to thinking about things that I really liked.  Well I like some flowers better than others (dandelion, snakeshead fritillary) but flowers aren’t quite my thing and I didn’t fancy translating them into stitch.  So I thought maybe my favourite colour?  Well I love blue-greens but I also love ‘natural tones’ like linen & hessian, but I wasn’t getting the vibe from that either.  Having spent a good hour looking at flowers on the internet already I figured I really needed to think what were my favourite things.  Oooh!  Images with text!  CULTURAL REFERENCE!!!!!  So I looked up some lyrics & came up with what I thought might be a subtle in-joke for people who quilt.  Not that I would call myself a quilter, but I noticed a pattern which was appropriate.

Anyway, after all that faff I raided my Oakshott mini squares stash & got some colours together.  Yay, I have enough to do what I want!  Oh I know, why don’t I make it into a kit.  Like I was going to do for the last one but didn’t get round to dying the fabric for yet.  So that means I need some more fabric.

This morning I am pleased to see that the sun is shining – I am hoping my fabric will arrive today so I can wash it & get DH to hang it out to dry while I am out with Monkey on the Keighley & Worth Valley’s Diesel day (in the morning) and at Keighley Model Railway Club this afternoon.  In the same way I’ve picked up some stuff about quilting, I now know an awful lot more about trains (and model railways) than I used to.  Or ever thought I would.  Still, it keeps Monkey happy.

Hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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