Off On An Adventure!

October 4, 2015 at 7:46 am Leave a comment

Monkey & I are off on an adventure this afternoon – travelling to visit friends in Germany by ferry & train.  We’re leaving DH at home as he doesn’t travel well (that might be a bit of an exaggeration to be fair).  Also his mother isn’t in great health so he wants to keep an eye on her.  And our roof still isn’t finished.  And he has to work.  😦

Anyway this is just a short post as I’m hoping to write en route.  Not like a travel journal thing – I gave that up after the disaster which was writing about our canal walks.  Just if stuff happens I’m hoping to be able to blog at the time, instead of forgetting about it until I get home, by which time it won’t be so funny any more.  Or I’ll have forgotten it.

I’m hoping we’ve packed enough – we should have sufficient clothes & suchlike but I’ve tried to limit how many ‘projects’ I take.  I have only got Monkey’s jumper (which is about 1/4 done), a t-shirt to assemble for him (all cut out just needs sewing up).  There is a small pile of patchwork shapes to hem before I sew them together.  There is the Christmas gift for my brother-in-law-ish’s parents to assemble.  That is for me to assemble, not the parents.  And I’ve also packed Jenny Lawson’s new book (Furiously Happy*) which I might save for the flight home, when knitting & sewing isn’t so practical.  I don’t want to run out of ‘stuff’ – we aren’t flying back until Friday!  Oh yes – Monkey has a shirt he wants me to finish off as well.  Might be alright then.

*I was going to put the link here but just get it from your favourite book provider, hopefully a local, independent retailer.



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