En Route Part 1

October 6, 2015 at 7:08 am Leave a comment

I’m so annoyed!  I just wrote a really good blog post then my internet connection ate it.  I’ll try again but I’m not promising much!

Monkey liked the ferry crossing. That is to say he enjoyed the kiddie play area.  We got to the ferry in plenty of time so we had chance to explore and have dinner rather than just go to bed. He slept well, I didn’t.  And then we were woken at 4:30UK time by the in cabin tannoy announcing that it was half past six and breakfast was available. We managed to get up in time to have breakfast, visit the play space (again. yay.) and still get a good spot to watch the other vessels and the port buildings as we docked.

Monkey isn’t being quite so amenable to getting up this morning, possibly because he’s supposed to be having a shower. Although to be fair we did have an early start yesterday and were out last night with the first set of friends (thanks again for lovely dinner and chat).

Much later… We’ve come to a compromise. He has a bath at our next destination and he gets no treats until he does. He could have had one here and had some extra Lego funds (which we agreed at one point) but decided he’d father forego treats and Lego than have a shower.

So we have had breakfast and are now back in our hotel room. He is doing workbooks, I’m writing this.  Once it is done (and hopefully published) I might even have time to do some project stuff.  I’ve done a few bits so far – some knitting, a few patchwork bits.  His shirt is done except for the fastening.  I would have finished Monkey’s t-shirt already except I lost the sleeves for a while.

Which reminds me – I nearly left the backpack on the coach between the ferry and Rotterdam. Fortunately we did a bag count and I realised that we were short one.  Before the coach left.  Otherwise we’d have no workbooks and even worse, no knitting pattern!

Right let’s get this thing published, we have a train to finish packing for!


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