En Route Part 2

October 7, 2015 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

It is (probably?) Wednesday and we are relaxing at the flat of our second set of friends-in-Germany. The trip over was uneventful, we had good seats on the train. We managed to find something that Monkey would eat for lunch then went out to the supermarket in the afternoon to get a few more bits.

Monkey doesn’t have a particularly sweet tooth but we saw some rather nice-looking breakfast pastries. I suggested a croissant for him but he saw a chocolate-dipped croissant which I guess caught his eye as he chose that one.  I went for a cinnamon/nut swirl thing.

He got up late so we had breakfast after our hosts had bone to work/kindergarten. Monkey sat down to his chocolate croissant and me to my swirl. I really don’t know why I never learn. I don’t really have such a sweet tooth any more. And that doesn’t work so well here as many Germans (and thus much German catering of the cake or pastry variety) is far too sweet for me.

Anyway we abandoned our tooth-rot breakfast. Monkey had dome bread, I’ll have some tea and a cereal bar. He went off to play with the toys, I decided to try to get the beading project progressed. I’d saved it to work on here as it is not the kind of thing which is easy to do on the train. I got some done last night but I’d got to a fiddly bit.  Got that bit done, need to fix this bit to that bit the right way round. Nope! Ok try again. Nope. Ok Aaaaargh Disaster! I dropped the bauble around which the beading is done. It isn’t really a bauble any more, just a lot of small pieces of plastic. I’m hoping I can find another small grey plastic bauble or it is coming back to the UK with me on Friday and then it may never get finished!

I can’t face looking at it right now, I’m going to try to get Monkey out  to the park for a bit as he is bathed and now ok to have ‘treats’ again. Assuming I can pry him away from the toys.


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