En Route Part 3

October 9, 2015 at 12:34 pm Leave a comment

I’m not sure if it counts as en route as we haven’t really travelled much in the last few days. We are still with our second set of friends-in-Germany although we go home today. Monkey wants to spend all day playing with the toys I think but we are off for a scavenger hunt in the woods shortly. Of the fallen leaves and interesting objects variety rather than dead animals.

(some time later)

We’ve scavenged (for leaves) and supermarketed (for lunch) and are trying to collect all our stuff together to get packed. Monkey is sad as it seems like his jigsaws got left in Frankfurt 😢. We’ve emailed the hotel to see if they are there, although I’m not sure there is much we can do about it if they are. We may just have to go get a new one when we get back to the UK.

On the project front it’s mostly been a bit rubbish too. Apart from a t-shirt I got finished for our hosts’ little boy there has been a whole load of not much at all. I haven’t finished anything and as we go for the train in a few hours (during which time Monkey wants to go back to the park) I’m not likely to. I am looking forward to my book on the plane though. Having said that, Monkey may be more sulky and cranky due to the missing jigsaws so may need more entertaining. We’ll see I suppose. Right, off to try to fit more things in the suitcase!



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