Ready To Roll!

April 16, 2016 at 5:57 am Leave a comment

Prepping for the Rag Market.  It is quarter past six.  Wake up call for Mum is at quarter to eight for a half past eight departure.

There is a large piece of fabric out for the table-cover on our stall.  The car is packed with boxes.  We got some change yesterday, which I’ve packed, along with some emergency price stickers and my ‘business cards’ (luggage tags with my brand stamp on).

The kit is edited and assembled – two copies put to on side as I’ve listed them in my Folksy shop.  The other four, plus the ‘not for sale’ one to show (in the unlikely event of selling all four kits & people still being interested).  I’ve collected the five kits, along with the original panel together & put them in a sensible place, near the door so hopefully they don’t get forgotten.

I’ve also got a few more hanks of yarn in the shop so it looks a little less bare.  I can’t list any more yet (30+ hanks – I went a bit overboard on the spinning) as I don’t have photos for them & the light isn’t good enough yet to sort that out.

By the time this post is published it should be quarter to seven which is another half-hour filled in until I can start getting ready (I don’t want to wake DH up before I have to – he isn’t a morning person).  I’m already getting fidgety & anxious.  The usual pre-show/pre-event/pre-having-productive-and-pleasant-conversations-with-strangers-or-even-people-I-know-in-a-busy-place jitters.  (sorry for the long word-joining thing then.  And ‘jitters’ doesn’t look like it is spelled correctly in this font.  That may well be something to do with the word itself).

I had debated taking the tablet with me so I could tweet about stuff during the day but I forgot to charge it up.  And it is in the room where Mum is sleeping.  Because obviously I have such a huge following on all the social media sites, even the ones that I don’t use, that my sending out a short message during the day will mean thousands of purse-heavy shoppers descend on the Rag Market, (also on facebook and twitter) all desperate to buy all our stock!

Oooh good it is nearly seven.  Too early to get our lunch out of the fridge but I think I’ve written enough now.  Time to do something useful like hanging the washing out or other jobs I’ve been avoiding due to being busy ‘stalling’.

Enjoy the sunshine!


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Doing My Home-Work! Some Time Later…

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