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This time yesterday I was stressing about the Rag Market.  Which, of course, was fine.  Stuff was sold, networking happened.

It was a lot busier than last time (although we had previously been advised this might be the case).  We sold a couple of things before the official opening at 11 (to some of the other lovely stallholders, one of whom had brought along the gloves she’d made from some of my last-times hand-spun yarn).

At 11 the doors opened and there was very shortly a lot of people looking at a lot of interesting things on the 19 (we think) stalls.  I didn’t get much chance to look around the whole room but there were certainly a lot of people in front of our stall and the ones to either side.  I think quite a few people had come to see the stall to our right – Metropolis Interiors in Mytholmroyd  (also online shop here) they had heavy-weight woollen wovens which I thought would make excellent picnic blankets.  On our left was The Stitch Society who make aprons but were selling other things like vintage fabrics & Liberty prints.  They are based in Keighley, in the same mill where Monkey & I go for his Model Railway Club.

Mum was going Fair-isle crazy – we saw quite a few people wearing some lovely handknits and had a quick chat to Ann Kingstone (sporting one of her own designs).  Something I might have to do if I do many more shows is start taking pictures & tweeting them.  I took a couple snaps before the show started but didn’t have chance to get a signal sorted on the cranky tablet so no tweeting occurred!

Despite all the crowds I don’t think we took much more than last time.  Possibly in part because of the crowds.  People who came later on when it was a little less frantic had more time to peruse, perhaps?

I’ve just had a quick sort through the boxes of what was left over & I think maybe next time it might be worth labelling everything (which neither of us did) and instead sorting by ‘thing’.  So people who are looking for fabric/yarn/card-making supplies/patterns/whatever can look in one place.  It will probably be easier to work out what is selling well, and possibly sell more because people won’t be just looking at things of one price?

I’ve was also pulling out more things to put on my Folksy shop.  Some things (like a small, slightly used bottle of acrylic paint) would be better off at a physical location rather than online where postage is an issue.  Flat light things are best I guess!


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