A Blog Post That Doesn’t Seem To Be About Much

April 21, 2016 at 12:13 pm Leave a comment

I was just loading up the page to start writing this then in a slightly inconvenient fashion, I forgot what I was planning on writing about.  Not the general theme, but the specifics eluded me.  Then I figured I could just write some waffle until something better happens.  I think quite a few of my posts have been like that.  Not that it matters overmuch, I’m probably quite good at waffling so long as it is written down!

Then what does one call a blog post which is about waffly nonsense?  I don’t think a title along the lines of ‘this is about very little’ or even ‘I’m going to talk rubbish for 3-400 words’ would inspire many people to read it.  And I guess now I’m trying to be all grown up and vaguely professional about selling my work, and half-using this blog (along with my random, intermittent & bewildering attempts to use twitter) to promote my work – that, like this sentence, just won’t do!

So maybe I should then attempt to swing the topic of waffle round (I can’t really call it conversation if there is only me talking).  I can follow up on the mention I made of ‘promoting my work’.  I already talked about the Rag Market in a previous post but I could make mention of the fact that I’m trying to do some work on my Folksy shop every day.  Ooh, get me!  Like actual sustained regular intermittent effort at self-promoting.  I find it much easier to be self-effacing.

Now I have to try to think of a way to start this paragraph in a way that isn’t ‘So’ which I seem to do a lot & from someone with vague literary pretentions (i.e. me) that feels a little repetitive.  Like writing some text down and finding you’ve made the terrible mistake of using the same word, twice, exactly one above the other.  Or within a small paragraph.  I always have to dive for the mental thesaurus then.

This blog post doesn’t seem to be turning out like I meant to.  I should be talking about thecreativetoe stuff, not going on about where best to apply <shiftF7>  (or is it <alt>?  I forget).  I guess I’m not in the small & infrequent zone for blowing my own trumpet (rather than borrowing someone elses?!?) and should just give up on trying to self-improve on this post.  I guess I’ll just go back over it and stick some links in and call it a day!


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Some Time Later… A Slightly More Sensible Post

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