A Slightly More Sensible Post

April 22, 2016 at 11:49 am Leave a comment

Today I’m going to try to marshal my thoughts a little better.  Chances are it will still be the usual stream of consciousness but I need to think about ‘work’ stuff so I guess that is ok.

I’m still feeling motivated after the Rag Market last weekend so I’m aiming to capitalise on that.  Doing ok with that so far – I blended some fibres from my stash on the drum carder (with a little ‘help’ from Monkey.  8 piles went in to bags to sell as batts – fibres which have been prepped for spinning/felting and arranged into a vaguely rectangular shape.  In my case this is through the use of a handle attached to a frame, some wheels & a cylinder covered with wire spikes aka ‘drum’.

The dregs got collected together & re-carded – I had enough for a full drum’s worth, plus some left over.  The leftover bits I spun into a mini hank which I’ll tea stain to see how the fibres look afterwards.  The main drum’s worth I finished spinning this morning so it just needs a bath.

Unfortunately during this morning’s spinning there was an odd noise towards the end.  This turned out to be the brake snapping (an elastic loop).  Losing one’s brakes is never a good thing but I managed to limp to the end of the fibres through winding the bobbin by hand.  I cobbled a temporary fix together but I don’t think it will be doing much work until I get a replacement.

I duly ordered one and accidentally bought (that seems to happen a lot!) some more fibres.  Oops!  I suppose I will just have to continue working my way through my stash of handspun, aiming to list another hank daily, although I might bump the new fibre packs up the queue as they are rather lovely!

In and amongst I’m trying to organise the ‘shop stuff’ into some semblance of order.  Eventually it all has to go back in my craft area so I’m also trying to tidy that.  The problem with that is that I keep finding stuff to do – like ‘Ooh, I really need to clear a space so DH can get to the wall and put the picture up’.  Except that the picture has no fixings on the back for hanging and we don’t know where the box of fixings is.  Hopefully not lost in the craft space!


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A Blog Post That Doesn’t Seem To Be About Much Oh Look! A New & Interesting Thing I Need To Do Right Now!

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