Oh Look! A New & Interesting Thing I Need To Do Right Now!

April 29, 2016 at 5:16 am Leave a comment

Yes, once again, I’ve become distracted by something else.  I had tidied up all the spinning/carding paraphernalia as my Mum was visiting for a few days.  We had a fab time but unfortunately I accidentally started a jumper kit I’d bought at Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show last year.  It is lovely so far but I discovered I didn’t seem to have the right size of needles to do the sleeves.  I don’t know whether I never had any that size or if I just put them in a stupid place.  So I very sensibly put all the bits-so-far together with all the rest of the kit.

Even more unfortunately I then accidentally started another jumper.  Which is kind of a good thing as I’m using up some leftovers from other projects.  I didn’t have all the right needles for the sleeves but managed to bodge it a bit by using some smaller ones but shifting them around.  On sleeve is done, the other is only up to the cuff.  I’m working on the body at the moment and that is going pretty well – just hope I have enough of this wool left!

Changing the subject slightly – I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for some sun.  I need to take photos of the carded fibres & the tea-stained mini hank so I can list them on my Folksy shop.  I’d done a whole load of draft listings so I had some slack – it meant I could list something every day while faffing with jumpers.  I came to yesterdays listing & decided that the two hanks left would be better not listed.

Even though the prices are all based on fibre cost, one of the remaining hanks was spun from a sample bag which cost quite a lot for not much fibre.  I looked at the listing and decided £5 was too much to expect someone to want to spend on 20m/30g of yarn.  Or it might have been 30m/20g.  Either way, it was short, light and to top it all off, pink.  Fail!

I’ll have to make a decision on it at some point, especially as I’m trying to keep motivated on doing a bit of ‘shop’ work every day, but for the moment my jumper is calling me.  Here’s hoping for sun so I can get round to take photographing my lovely vegan fibres!


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