I Guess Writing A Blog Post Can Count As Work, Right?

May 1, 2016 at 1:46 pm Leave a comment

I started this blog pot immediately after I’d finished the previous one, but decided I needed to think about the contents a bit more before I clicked the ‘publish’ button.   The initial ‘topic’ of this post was going to be my ‘work’.    That I try to do a bit of ‘work’ every day – getting into a routine of keeping the shop up to date, and publicising it (here & twitter).  So I wrote/thought about what constitutes my ‘work’, and how much to promote it.

Something I’ve noticed on blogs that I follow is that many are good at encouraging people to ‘follow’ or otherwise subscribe to their blogs.  They ask questions/have discussions which people can contribute to.  They run giveaways & ‘swaps’.  I’d half decided on doing that – I’d even vaguely lined up a contender for my first giveaway.

The problem with all that is that I don’t really know what this blog is about.  Or perhaps for might be a better way of looking at it.  Is this a blog to promote sales?  I don’t think so – I’m not sure I’d be very good at continually doing the whole ‘buy buy buy!’ thing.  Sometimes I just want to waffle about knitting projects, or adventures we go on.  Or the thing from a few years ago I just remembered with the earwig in the sewing machine.

So I think I’ll continue to waffle about stuff.  The time I tried to be a travel writer about us walking the Leeds to Liverpool Canal didn’t work & ended up with me not writing for a long time.  This is my main writing outlet and trying to regularly order my thoughts is probably a good thing.  Especially as it sometimes helps me decide what I might do next (that isn’t to say I wont’ do the giveaway thing at some point, just not right now).  At the moment the thing I’ll be doing next is finishing my drink & playing some Minecraft thinking.  Then later I might either prep some more fibres, sort some wool-leftovers for sale, or perhaps start a new jumper.



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