Not Much Luck

May 30, 2016 at 9:56 am Leave a comment

What is it with me & knitting at the moment?  I contacted Purl&Jane (where I bought the original yarn from) & she managed to find me 1 ball each of the 2 colours I needed (thank you!) so I’ve been working on that when we’ve been out & about.  Fingers crossed I don’t run out again, although I should be ok.

The other jumper though has been more of a nuisance.  To be fair, it was all going fine until this morning.  I managed to summon up the enthusiasm (there seems to be lots of ‘managing’ going on in this post, sorry about that!) to start the sleeves & got those both done.  The way this garment is put together is new to me – knit from the bottom hem up to the armpits, then knit the sleeves up from cuffs to armpits.  Then you work all tree bits together from armpits up.  Fine, o, I can cope with that.  That is until I ran out of yarn.  To offset that, I’ve made it too big somehow, despite having done a tension square.  The two disasters should hopefully cancel each other out – I just have to summon a bit more enthusiasm to turn my pile of knitting back into a pile of balls of wool, and then make the wool back into knitting, just smaller.  I’ve shelved it for now (it is back in the paper bag by my foot but without needles) as I do like the jumper but not enough to knit it twice in a row.  I will come back to it later in the year perhaps, when the weather is a little more appropriate for woolly garments.  For now, back to the lightweight cardigan!



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