Stupid Hat

July 2, 2016 at 10:54 am Leave a comment

We decided to go a-steampunking tomorrow rather than today, which is good as it means I can hopefully get Monkey’s bag a little more finished off.  His jacket is done – I even added a couple of press-studs for a closure.  It is supposed to have buttons but my machine refuses to comply with the buttonhole setting.  I should probably find the manual and give the machine a good talking to but just not right now.  I also finished his hat except the feathers he wants adding to it which shouldn’t take to long to sew on.

My outfit is also pretty much assembled – I decided to abandon the sleeves from my waistcoat – I can always add them on later if I feel like it – they only fasten on with press-studs so I guess that means they are optional.  The hat though – eugh!  I made the mistake of getting a hat pattern rather than following a top-hat tutorial like I did for Monkey.  The hat I picked out is fab so I persevered through about a million pins & a bit of a nuisance getting it in to the sewing machine.  I managed to get the lining in place – held in with tacking stitches which can easily be taken out afterwards.  The problem is that it isn’t really in keeping with the period (Victorian inspired).  I think I managed to find a way of wearing it would hopefully make it be a little less daft but there are two problems with this.  Partly because the big feather I ordered to decorate the hat (which would balance out the stupid sticky-out bit at the back) with hasn’t arrived yet (sad face).  But mostly because I’m hand-sewing the lining in place and it takes flipping ages!  If I manage to recover in time from the no-show of my lovely feather and have sufficient time left after finishing Monkey’s bag I’ll have to bodge something – replacing all the bright green tacking stitches with something a little less visible (big faff but quicker than doing the proper sewing up), and using just the smaller feathers which have already arrived.  Or just go without a hat.


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Looming Deadline… Interim Hat

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