Interim Hat

July 3, 2016 at 6:01 pm Leave a comment

We made it to the steampunk market!  I had been a little anxious about my costume – the top it is a loose shirt under a long, medieval-styled waistcoat.  Then I have a petticoat which I found at the Antique Textiles Fair in Manchester a few months ago which I wore over some pale linen trousers.  I had been was worried it would look a bit medieval (and the hat a bit too recent) but all together it was fine.  There were such a wide variety of styles that people were wearing – lots of top hats, smart jackets & corsets.  Sometimes all three.  Pith helmets, goggles, the occasional fake weapon & and a guy with a (cardboard) metal arm.

As for my outfit – I ended up wearing the hat after all.  I didn’t have time to sew it all together properly so I left the tacking stitches in.  I rolled up the sticky-out-bit at the back so at least I could turn my head without my hat falling off.  I also tacked some feathers on the side – my proper feather isn’t here yet but I had some others that were ok.

The rest of the outfit was slightly more finished, although it will need a bit of work if I plan on wearing some parts of it again.  The shirt is too big except in the shoulders.  The corseted bit of the waistcoat is too big as well – I ended up having to pull the ribbon lacing so tight that it was vertical just so it would stay on.  Unfortunately I also managed to pull out part of one of the ribbon loops at the bottom, so that’ll need fixing.

The petticoat & linen trousers worked well, I thought – I looped the petticoat up & over its waist-cord at the back, so it looked a bit like a bustle.  I’m not sure what to do about the hat.  The main thing I need to think about is when the next event might be.  Or more importantly what the weather might be doing.  I think I’ll need something a bit more substantial if we go to more Leeds Steampunk Market events or to Haworth later in the year but I don’t really feel like starting anything straight away.  That is probably a good thing as I have occasionally been known to dive straight from one project to the next, whether finished or not.  It doesn’t bode well for wearing the stupid hat next time – I shall have to try to rein in my brainstorming imagination for a little while!



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Stupid Hat Post-Summer Update

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