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November 17, 2016 at 2:15 pm Leave a comment

After my little give away earlier this week I’ve been doing, well, not so much as I could have been.  Part of the problem is that I’m not very good at self-promoting.  So instead of me reminding people via various social media platforms, and developing an extensive mailing list, I just left it.  Fortunately enough people ‘signed up’ for the draw to not make it a complete embarrassment – partly I think due to at least one of the people I told about it letting other people know (thanks Ali!).

The trouble is I’m not sure where to go from here.  That isn’t strictly true – I know the general gist of it – raising awareness of me and my brand.  The problem part is that I just lose interest.  I’m easily distracted and should much rather do something else.  I’m fortunate enough to have just about enough other income so that my hobbies aren’t my livelihood, despite my trying a number of times a few years ago to change that.  Probably a good thing they didn’t work out and I stuck with a ‘proper’ job, I suppose.

I guess the question ought to be what next.  The honest answer is that I’m not really sure.  I had an order for a pack from a friend so I need to get that organised.  Then next week is Harrogate and at some point I have an ATC to make (the probable fabric for which arrived yesterday, yay!).  Other than that I’ve a belated birthday hat to make for another friend, a few quilts to finish off and about a million ideas on Ravelry.  I might need an extra few months adding to this year – I’m nowhere near ready for the next one.


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