Old Friends

February 25, 2017 at 12:23 pm 1 comment

I met up with my brother and his family yesterday.  We don’t see each other very often (we don’t always get on as we often fall back into being annoyed teenagers) but we made an effort as they are soon going to be moving to the USA.  It got me thinking about the (very few) people from college and Unit that I’ve managed to keep in touch with.  And more than that, the people I’ve lost touch with along the way.

I went to a University reunion a couple of years ago.  It was a bit weird seeing how little some people had changed. Mostly though, it was awkward because I don’t have a great deal in common with them.  I don’t work so I can’t talk about how great/tiresome my job/employer/colleagues/commute is.  Monkey doesn’t go to school so that’s another topic gone (he’s past the ‘babies keep you up at night’ stage and isn’t yet old enough for the ‘teenagers keep you up at night’ one).

Many of them are employed in our subject or a related one but I don’t remember enough about it to ask much.  Geology and textiles don’t connect much.  I’m often shy and awkward which makes me less of a conversationalist.  “Hi, everybody here including you knows I had a huge crush on you for like ten years, let’s have a hug.  My kid is here but my husband is at home.  Oh you got divorced and your kid is with your ex this weekend, I am sorry.  No, I don’t work, I mostly make stuff then don’t finish it.  Oh you got your PhD, that’s great.  And you just got a job doing something interesting and innovative.  I’ll take a card – I know someone who might be interested in your product.  I’m sure you think I took your card because I think you think I still fancy you and although I don’t I still see that you are nice to look at which makes me even more awkward because I don’t know what to say.”

Sorry for the even longer than usual sentences.  Some of the above paragraph was paraphrased, some of it I just thought, but it was really awkward.

I’ve also managed to lose the gist of what I was trying to say but I think it was something along the lines of how difficult it is to keep in touch with people when you don’t have anything in common but the past.

This post is for my three old friends (in order of first meeting) Lorna, Ed and Giles.  I’m sorry I’m not better at keeping in touch.  I know we don’t have as much in common any more but I do love you all and miss you.

This is also for my brother – another person I’m not in touch with much.  Good luck, bon voyage and we’ll see you in May.


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  • 1. Bossymamma  |  February 25, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    I can really relate to much of what you have said. My sister and I had a very complicated relationship but luckily we were able to uncomplicate [is that a word?] it before she died. It’s good that you and your brother made the effort to meet before he and his family move.


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