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February 25, 2017 at 8:15 am Leave a comment

I recently took part in my first ‘stationery swap’.  I’ve done artist trading cards before (which I’ve blogged about) but this was quite different.  It wasn’t so much creating as curating, which I found I enjoyed just as much but in a different way.  It got me to thinking (as these things are prone to do) – maybe I could do that?

I have a small and varied subscriber list.  But people are people and it is often nice to get presents.  So here’s my idea – you sign up to send (and receive) a gift.  It can be either made or bought.  You can say if there is a particular thing you do or don’t like.  For example you might be into textiles, or journaling, or maybe you aren’t crafty at all but would like to receive a small piece of artwork and think you could probably find your way to a shop that sold interesting things.

If you think you might be interested in signing up, please say so by commenting on this blog post, or by email (if you are anything like DH who subscribes to this blog so he knows what crazy ideas I haven’t told him about yet, but hasn’t worked out the best ways of adding comments, especially when he can just talk to me).

There’ll be a spend limit of £5 for those who are curating rather than creating – that might also be helpful for the creatives too, so as you know what kind of gift-investment-level we’re looking at.  If you prefer to work to a theme, let’s say ‘Spring’.  It is not compulsory but it is there if you want it.

If I get enough people interested, probably as few as 10 I think, I’ll put together a questionnaire so I can try to co-ordinate.  I’d probably also better set a deadline.  Sign-up by 27th Feb (swap partner details to follow, assuming we go ahead) by 3rd March.  Posting week will be the week of 27th March (a little earlier for international).

P.s. Thanks to VeryBerry and The Reading Residence for the idea and the swaps you organise.


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