The Trouble With Hexagons…

February 25, 2017 at 10:22 am Leave a comment

So much for hexagons being an interim project.  I had been hemming hexies for patchwork from fabric scraps in order to get my craft space tidy.  In part it is working although it is taking a lot longer.

I ran out of space in my hexie boxes so I went through and pulled out all the completed ones that I didn’t like.  That made more space for nice ones but also left me with a pile of yucky ones on the floor.  I vaguely debated selling them in my shop but there already listings for hexies on Folksy and I don’t think I’d get much for them.

The next good (?) idea was turn them into a quilt.  That is what they are for, after all.  780 hexies later – they are mostly all sewn together, I’m just adding the border.  No idea what I’ll back it with!

In the meantime I was browsing on the Festival Of Quilts website.  I’m planning on going to this event again this year and hoping to enter a quilt into the exhibition.  I’m in London for a few days and will hopefully have time to look at some fabric as I’ll need to try some techniques out when I get home.

I couldn’t quite decide what to do for the back of the quilt but then I remembered all the hexies which aren’t part of a rather garish and excessively yellow quilt.  The ones in colours I prefer.  Maybe I could use some of them?  Admittedly I won’t be able to wave a magic wand for it to be finished.  For starters there are still over 1000 to hem.  There isn’t much point designing it until I know what I have and haven’t got.

My plan so far is to keep hemming hexies while I away, then finish the yucky quilt border when I get home.  Once that is done I’ll try to put the unhemmed hexagons to one side do I can do the samples I need to finalise my ideas for the front.  At the same time I have a dress to work on – I need it for May and I haven’t started the mock-up yet.

The problem is that as I’m in London and planning on looking at fabric, I may be distracted and end up acquiring some for other projects.  I’ve got a head full of ideas, we’ll just have to see what comes of them!


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