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March 16, 2017 at 5:49 am Leave a comment

It has been a busy few weeks.  We got back from London and Monkey promptly came down with a bug, then had a cold and cough which seems to have dragged on.

Last weekend we were at Keighley Model Railway Club’s annual exhibition which seemed to be well received. DH and Monkey set up their Lego trains and were kept busy for the whole two days supervising people ‘having a go’ driving the trains around the loops they’d set up, with the added bonus of DH getting to talk to people about his Lego constructions.  Trains, obviously.

I’ve been busy too – I got the hexagon quilt finished (yay! – here’s the front and the back) and took it in to Barleycraft Fabrics for Project Linus.

I have mostly finished the mock-up of the dress I’m going to wear for a friends wedding.  It isn’t quite done as the top needs a little adjusting. It either fits my chest or my coat-hanger shoulders, but not both.

I’ve also been working on a quilt I had put to one side. I have 8 large blocks and Monkey has told me definitively that the two colourways (green-with-purple and purple-with-green) should be kept separate. I now just have to decide whether they should be two quilts of four blocks (with the backs plain) or just one quilt with four blocks on each side. I should have enough matching fabric to do the backs as well but I need to finish off and join up the purple-with-green blocks first which might be a couple of days work.

At the same time as all this is going on I’m having fun dyeing fabric samples for the quilt I’m planning on mentoring into the competition at this years Festival Of Quilts. I’ve planned the main idea and for once I’m doing things properly, with a notebook and these samples and stuff. So far I’ve done tea, coffee, avocado and walnut-ink. I’m hoping to pick up some interesting teas or similar when we go to Skipton on Friday as mostly what I have so far is brown, brown, pink and brown. If the colours are too boring I’m not going to be very inspired!


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