Identity Tag – Part 1

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I tend to think of us as having not much routine at home but we probably do.  Just not the usual out to work/school stuff. One routine we have is Monkey’s bedtime. Once he’s ready for bed he has a story unless he’s been messing around and runs out of time.   Then there is sometimes time for a chat. About all kinds of things.  Sometimes things we’ve done during the day, or maybe things about when I was his age.

Recently we were talking about toys, I think, then we ended up at the ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ statement. From him, not me, I hasten to add. Inside I thought ‘yay, here’s a chance to discuss gender stereotyping and some of the stuff I’ve learned over the last few years about pronouns and non-binary attraction’.

The first problem with all this is that I have a limited amount of ‘not-train stuff’ before he gets bored and starts telling me things about London Underground.

So after pointing out that the pink/blue thing doesn’t always work I reminded him about one of DH’s friends from uni who prefers to have sex with men, and one of my friends (who has a son a bit younger than Monkey) who prefers to have sex with women. That is where it got a bit complicated.

Monkey stumped me momentarily with a sex question. That doesn’t happen very often hence my unpreparedness. He asked me how does that work (as in ‘straightforward’ homosexuality).  I can’t remember most of what I said but probably something along the lines of ‘Oh, er, well using different parts of the body’, whilst thinking ‘argh I’m making a mess of this, what do I say next…’. I can’t remember what the next question was but I think I said I don’t know.  Then probably changed the subject, whilst cringing that I didn’t make a better job of it.

I’m hoping that at some point it will crop up again and I can improve on my less-than-ideal performance. Maybe there’s a book for it – we have ‘Where did I come From’ for basic sex-ed (when he doesn’t want to talk about it). I need something that talks about LGBTQ+. I want him to know that there’s different ways for people to love each other. And a whole spectrum of differences between people (actually that might be how I finished off the conversation, now that I think about it – that all these differences were so interesting and amazing). The problem is I don’t know enough about it!

So if anyone has any recommendations of non-CIS explanation books which are appropriate for an 8-year old to read with a parent and/or alone I’d really appreciate it!


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